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Thank you for helping us create the best directory on line! We depend on you absolutely.

Please note, we read every new entry that you submit and processing new entries can take time. If your recommendations end up by not being included, there will be a good reason – very popular pubs get repeat recommendations, some pubs close, if we get a bad review we delete the entry and some publicans, though dog friendly, do not wish to advertise the fact.

Do tell the publican about DoggiePubs and if he hasn’t heard of us, please expain that his pub will be advertised as being ‘a pub that allows dogs and their owners in the bar area’, - not the restaurant if there is one, just the bar.

Sometimes landlords do need encouragement but telling them it is a non-commercial listing (ie FREE!) usually does the trick.

Please Note, we can not guarantee to add pubs if we are not given enough information.

Millie says: "These humans and all this web stuff, what a fuss. Apparently the Your Comments is vital, and I thought it was walks and food and rabbits... "

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Please note, if this box is not filled in the pub will not be added to our listing. Short and sweet is fine - if you are in a hurry to get back to the bar. Please tell us something the food and drink and what specifically makes the pub dog-friendly.


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Dog-friendly pub with no food

Dog-friendly pub with basic bar menu

Dog-friendly pub with more adventurous food

Dog-friendly pub with stunningly good food

Dog-friendly pub with award winning food


Dog-friendly pub with doggie B&B


Please tell us how dog-friendly this pub is. A simple pub may deserve 5 Stars, whereas a very smart gastropub may only receive 1, (or visa versa) it is up to you.

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